My art work is dedicated to HEAL.

In order to heal I’m not going to ask you to take a brush and follow instructions so you struggle trying to do an illustration so you forget about your problems, for a while. Instead I’m offering already done professional art pieces that will help you heal from the base, from within.

We first have to understand that to heal we have to change something inside us. Mostly personal decisions in our behavior like what we eat, how much we excersice or sometimes which doctor to see.

We just need to do little twists inside the ways we think about ourselves and how we deal with our problems to completely heal. Other way the main source of our problems could be untreated within our selves no matter which pills or treatment we take.

My illustrations are REMINDERS (art pieces with all the necessary elements to make you remember) for those who need to be remind to laugh more, love themselves, focus more and so on… Little tweaks for our psyche that can create healthier decisions for our health and a better life style.